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Raspbian (Debian Jessie)
Release date: 2015-11-21
Default login: pi / raspberry
Kernel version: 4.1




Download xz format
MEGA: openplotter_rpi_v0.6.0.img.xz
TORRENT: openplotter_rpi_v0.6.0.img.xz.torrent
Size: 1.19 GB
SHA-1: 776ca499836e8477618762115b88eb00a2ab91c5

Download zip format
Size: 1.49 GB
SHA-1: 4cd5103cbb34b3f78ba16b06d6c64e54eb61b822

Changes since last release

  • Adapted to Raspbian Jessie.
  • Update required packages.
  • New Raspberry Zero compatible (OpenCPN does not work on Raspberry Zero and 1  due to performance issues. We recommend Raspberry 2).
  • Added humidity sensors.
  • Added humidity to weather graphs.
  • Added DS18B20 temp sensors for engine coolant temp monitoring.
  • Added heel generation by IMU sensor.
  • Optimized sensors detection.
  • Added reset button to sensors detection.
  • Changed IMU calibration tool.
  • Added custom SSID to WiFi access point.
  • Share internet connection with devices connected to WiFi access point.
  • Masked WiFi access point password.
  • Created procedure to set WiFi access point and screen resolution when monitor is not present (headless).
  • Added 6 custom switches to be linked to multiple actions.
  • Added 4 custom outputs to act relays, leds, buzzers, etc.
  • Allowed manual settings to NMEA multiplexer conf file.
  • Shipmodul devices compatibility fixed.
  • GPSD compatible.
  • Added ROT calculation.
  • Added depth.
  • Added accuracy setting to calculations.
  • Added warnings to critical actions.
  • Optimized magnetic variation generation.
  • Replaced obsolete MDA NMEA sentence by XDR sentence for pressure and temperature.
  • Rewritted SDR AIS fine calibration.
  • Rewrited and optimized Inspector.
  • Added actions system with multiple triggers and actions.
  • Added remote monitoring by Twitter or Gmail.
  • Optimized code and men usage.
  • Allow RDP remote desktops.

Known issues

  • Humidity sensors not detected when IMU sensors is not present.
  • SignalK instruments and gauges do not work properly due to Epiphany Web Browser issues. However they work ok from remote devices Web browsers.
  • [SOLVED ON NEXT RELEASE] When using OpenPlotter in French and Catalan, actions do not work due to bug with non English characters.



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