Download the installer NOOBS (New Out Of the Box Software) with OpenPlotter included and ready to install.




Raspbian (Debian Jessie)
Release date: 2016-05-10
Default login: pi / raspberry
Kernel version: 4.4
Minimum SD card size: 8GB



Size: 890.5 MB
SHA-1: 66907c28121d1925cad64438179b5d13d2783125

Reporting bugs

If something does not work as it should, run OpenPlotter in debug mode.

Open a terminal and type:

python /home/pi/.config/openplotter/

If something goes wrong, copy what the terminal says and paste it on the support forums.

Changes since last release

  • Support for RTL8188EU WiFi chipset
  • SDR-VHF receiver (experimental transmitter)
  • VNC remote desktop (shared, password)
  • Play sound at startup
  • IoT (MQTT)
  • Variables in actions and triggers
  • German language
  • Send SMS
  • USB manager (udev tool)
  • GUI adaptations.
  • Optimizing code
  • Fixing bugs

Known issues

  • Humidity sensors not detected when IMU sensors is not present.


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