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Raspbian (Debian Jessie)
Release date: 2016-02-26
Default login: pi / raspberry
Kernel version: 4.1




Download xz format
MEGA: openplotter_rpi_v0.7.1beta.img.xz
TORRENT: openplotter_rpi_v0.7.1beta.img.xz.torrent
Size: 1.00 GB
SHA-1: 862e70635173fe22b64fceb4ac37f034dbc6fbf1

Download zip format
Size:  1.34 GB
SHA-1: e6a0d01ddc22da5b8e66f9aa6a19b92354f2dc68

Reporting bugs

If something does not work as it should, run OpenPlotter in debug mode.

Open a terminal and type:

python /home/pi/.config/openplotter/

If something goes wrong, copy what the terminal says and paste it on the support forums.

Changes since last release

  • Raspberry 2/3 compatible
  • OpenCPN 4.2
  • New OpenCPN plugins
  • Added custom vessel name and uuid to Signal K
  • Added serial NMEA 2000 to Signal K
  • Access point compatible with the new build-in WiFI in Raspberry 3
  • Added Dutch language
  • Multiple DS18B20 sensors
  • Added open OpenPlotter maximized as an option in "Startup" tab
  • Included ports ttyAMA as serial inputs
  • Included multiples eth interfaces as "Internet connection to share"
  • Triggers and actions editable (double click) in "Actions" tab
  • Added Pitch
  • Rewriten switches and outputs to allow unlimited items.
  • Now Signal K is streaming NMEA 0183 from localhost:10111.
  • Added 3D IMU calibration tool
  • GUI adaptations.
  • Optimizing code
  • Fixing bugs

Known issues

  • Humidity sensors not detected when IMU sensors is not present.
  • SignalK instrumentpanel does not work properly. To fix it download this file, unzip and replace files in /home/pi/.config/signalk-server-node/bower_components/instrumentspanel/dist. Connect remotely to my_openplotter_ip:3000/instrumentpanel/?reset=true and it should work now.


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